Standard 10.3

During the 18th century when the Industrial Revolution began to kich in, the increase in production of many manufacturing good were reaching consumer demands, primarily in Europe which led for vehicles to more common for transportation of people and trade.

Student must be able to analyze how the Industrial Revolution affected many places in Europe (Germany, England, France), the United States and Japan.

Sub-Standard for 10.3 #2

The stem engine created by James Watt was one of the key points in the Industrial Revolution as now with this invention, many factories can be located in area in the absence of water in production goods. Also, the stem engine allowed for the development of railroads which also had a direct effect on transportation increase the profits of many businesses.

Examine how the evolutions of technologies and sciences lead to many changes as well as the new forms of energy to boost societies into having massive growths economically, socially and culturally (many of these evolutions during the Industrial Revolution were brought up by many inventors and discoverers such as James Watt, Henry Bessemer, Eli Whitney, Thomas Edison and Louis Pasteur).

Sub-Standard for 10.3 #3

With the uprise to more urbanized societies, it lead to more of a compact environment. Despite having this issue the population manage to be supplied with an efficient amount of resources with the assistants of industries.

Describe how the growing population was able to be stabilized even with the uprise of many rural citizens coming into a more compacted, urban location and an increase in growth of many cities during the Industrial Revolution.